Blog: Santa Fe home construction

Fighting Moisture and Mold»

Even in New Mexico, no one wants to think about house mold or its underlying cause–moisture. As professional builders, however, we are aware of the dangers created by moisture infiltration and we are in a position to prevent it. That makes it our responsibility to…

Construction Lingo 101 Second Edition»

Clear communication is essential in achieving a successful homebuilding project. Construction industry lingo can cause confusion and muddy the waters. In one of our March blogs we introduced you to some basic construction jargon and, as promised, John Kaltenbach Homes is providing a few additional terms…

Construction Lingo 101»

If you spend any time on a construction site, you are likely to hear words that sound like a foreign language. Worse yet, you may hear words that you thought you knew but which have some specialized meaning to the people around you.