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John Kaltenbach Homes

John Kaltenbach Homes

Custom Builder of New Homes in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico



Where the Views Never End

Home with a Viewenlarge

A home for entertaining, designed by the owner (with a little help)

Story by Susan Craig; photography by Jack Kotz; from Su Casa Magazine with permission

Latitude 35″09′. Longitude 106″28′. The survey marker embedded in the center of the round foyer tells us the exact position of the home of James R.Cole, DDS, and Terri L. Cole, president of Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce. It’s quite possibly the only home in Albuquerque with such a marker. For those of us who need a more graphic description, the home is in High Desert, alive with vistas of the Sandias. It’s called “Brahmavista,” or “yearn for a view.” The Coles not only yearned for that view, they captured it.

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