About John Kaltenbach Homes

John Kaltenbach is a builder who regards himself as an advocate for clients about to embark in the exhilarating, sometimes overwhelming world of custom home building. With 25 years of diverse residential building experience, John works hard to ensure clients get the home of their dreams even as he explores innovative designs and options to stay within the budget.

“Communication is the most important thing,” says John, former president of the Home Builders Association of Central New Mexico. “A home is as much about the relationship with a client as it is about a structure. I understand a client’s emotional investment in a home, as well as the financial investment. Our relationship will last at least as long as they live in the home I build. It’s not over when they move into the house or when the warranty is up. As long as they live in that house, they’re going to remember me. They should choose their builder like they would their doctor or accountant.”

Personal Involvement with Clients

A builder as advocate? It’s part of the package when you select John Kaltenbach Homes. As a custom home builder, John works closely with his clients from the design stage through the construction process. As part of a collaborative team, John excels at listening and communicating with his clients to balance their dreams with their budget. John helps turn those dreams into a reality that reflects the homeowner’s style instead of imposing the builder’s view.

“A builder should be professional enough to do what’s best for the client,” says John. “I see myself as an advocate for clients throughout the process of building a home. We thoroughly discuss the pros and cons during the design stage, as well as construction constraints and price.”

Solid Building Experience and Technical Expertise

In a world of increasing specialization, a builder who is a true generalist can be a real plus. In his over 25 years of home building experience, John Kaltenbach has been a part of every phase of construction. John excels in technically challenging projects, and his versatile portfolio includes experience with alternative materials ranging from adobe and rammed earth to environmentally friendly wood framing. From sleek, clean contemporary residences to the earthen appeal of traditional pueblo-style homes, John has built them all. Whatever the style, the builder’s fresh eye for detail shines through.

Most people know what they want,’ said John, “more than they think they do. My job is to ask the right questions to bring those ideas out and to really understand what it is what they desire.”

Site Specific Homes to Fit the Environment

John Kaltenbach’s vision of Green Building includes Site Specific Homes. That means designing and building a home that fits the environment around it. His one-of-a-kind custom homes are designed for the specific lot as well as the client. Topography and views help shape each home’s design. John is also familiar with and practices many methods and types of environmentally friendly construction.

Business Acumen

Ask clients what they like best about working with John Kaltenbach and you’ll hear responses that go beyond an appreciation for the builder’s construction savvy. Respected as a businessman too, John adheres to deadlines, returns phone calls, visits with clients on a weekly or more frequent basis, provides written documentation and price estimates, and is a natural organizer. The builder is in daily contact with his subs at each job site, and adept at facilitating dialogue and solutions between designer and client.