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John Kaltenbach Homes

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Where the Views Never End

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The many columns that define the great room seem to be straight from an Italian palazzo but are, in fact, made of concrete and faux-finished by Gloria Goodman. The hue of the columns matches that of the walls, a soothing butterscotch that melds with the tranquil tones of aspen, maple and oak. Cole designed a long recessed and lighted wall for a changing display of art. Sleek maple cabinetry provides a home of a delightful collection of wooden carvings and toys. The entire curved east wall is of windows, punctuated by a fireplace of the Anasazi stone. Watching the nature parade passing outside the window wall is one of the Coles’ favorite pastimes. “I love the music of the birds,” says Terri. They watch critters they call their “urban coyotes.” Quail hop along the patio wall.

A step or two up from the living area, but part of the great room, is the columned dining area designed specifically for the Coles’ elegant and gleaming furnishings. “We like to entertain with small dinner parties,” says Terri. “We enjoy opening our home to friends and associates, and the galleria space is wonderful for entertaining.” The kitchen and morning room continue the circular motif. The granite-topped island is round, encased in exquisitely crafted convex drawers mirrored by the concave drawers of the cabinetry completing the circle. Custom touches are a built-in wine cooler and a space designed for a handsome clock. The morning room, or breakfast area, is of light woods, a Chaco-style stone wall and a wide sweep glass. The effect in this part of the house is serene, practical and innovative.

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